Medical device market analysis

Success of any business is to be knowledgeable about relevant information and analytics on the market. At any stage of project implementation, the manufacturer or distributor of medical devices need to have reliable information on many key issues:

- Is there any prospect of your medical device development?

- How relevant is new type health care equipment development from technical and scientific point of view?

- What sources of funding can be used for your project?

- What medical devices promotion strategy should I choose?

- What price of your health care equipment is acceptable for a specific region?

- What are main market competitors in your segment?

The answers to these questions will help you not only determine the payback period of the project, costs of its implementation and the expected profit, but also to develop/correct the marketing and pricing policy of the company.

We offer you full range of analytical services in the field of medical devices circulation: Our company has extensive experience in providing informational, analytical, and marketing solutions support for leading Russian and foreign companies operating in the medtech sector. We actively cooperate with residents of innovation centers and clusters (Biomedical cluster of Skolkovo fund, Moscow region medtech cluster and others).

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